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tibman wrote in arduino_related
Just bought a couple Ardweeny's from It comes as a kit with maybe a dozen parts for under $10 (plus shipping). Soldered it together over the course of one L4D2 vs game.. during the loading parts. If anyone is looking for a cheap replacement for their arduinos or perhaps something you won't feel guilty leaving permanently installed.. you'll love these things.

Package came in the mail!

The parts laid out for inspection.

Half-way done.

Completed ardweeny. It started a Blink sketch as soon as i applied power. I did upload a few sketches to make sure it was working.. and it is : )

The instruction manual was well made and easy to follow. Anyone with a radioshack iron can put this thing together. You can get yours here:

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wow, those are tiny!

How was it soldering to the legs on the ic? I'd be afraid of too much heat and destroying the ATMega chip. Certainly cheap enough! I haven't bought anything from solorbotics in probably 10 years, not since the early beam days. Thanks for reminding me they are there!

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