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First ardweeny project
tibman wrote in arduino_related
I built a range sensor for a group that would have to interface with an older electronic system (at a later date) and relay some information back to a PC. Came up with a smallish Cube shape that has an Ardweeny (to negotiate with the unknown hardware at a later date), a Sharp IR range sensor, Xbee + Xbee_explorer, and +5v external power.

wireless IR Range sensor w/ host
Sensor Node

IR Sensor app screenshot
Demonstration software, measures distance and flips from "Vacant" to "Occupied" at a set distance.

A very easy build, but the IR sensor was causing the Ardweeny to brown out when it pulsed. A cap on the power rails seemed to work perfectly. So far i'm impressed with the Ardweeny itself.. but i still don't have a good project for one yet.. anyone have an idea?

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can u send me the coding u use to setup the range sensor, need ur assist

I would be happy to help you. It was just using AnalogRead to read the distance. The sensor i bought from Digikey but i couldn't find it on there again. The sensor looks like this:

There are three wires. Ground, power, and signal. AnalogRead on the signal wire to get the distance.

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