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What do?
tibman wrote in arduino_related
I've recently hit the ceiling on arduino for a project. Has this ever happened to you?

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What do you do when you out grow your arduino?

Graduate to bigger AVRs.
Buy a Mega and keep using Arduino.
Network two or more Arduino's together.
Jump ship to ARMs or something else outside the AVR family.
I will never out grow.. my precioussss

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Other: I burnt one ADC input, decided that it is simpler to use 'nude' Atmega32 chip, installed that to my device (much smaller, much cheaper and bigger).

was it difficult to migrate away from the arduino ide?

No, it was not. Indeed, Arduino has one problem: its ideology (how registers are seeing, names/indices for registers, settings, etc) is quite different from the native structure of Atmega. And this ideology is poorly documented. So, I had problems even just started, when tried to configure Arduino, looked to the documentation of Atmega and understood nothing.

When I left Arduino, everything became clear: lots of documentation, every question can be googled, etc.

Indeed, I used ARMs before I started use Arduino. I think? they are intended for different tasks: I keep using ARM for big and complex devices, but Arduino is the best choise for small gadgets (and for an education, of course).

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