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It moves!
tibman wrote in arduino_related
Ok, i couldn't wait until the next paycheck to order plastic for the hull. So i started by tracing all the major robot parts and spending a work day puzzling the parts together

I wasn't happy with it (even though it was a good idea) so i started building a prototype body with cardboard (oooh, so advanced). Came up with this:
robot,arduino,xbee,prototype and robot,prototype,arduino,xbee

His guts kept finding their way into his treads (ouch) so i built sides to the basic platform:

He drives great! I can control him remotely from my computer. He does very well on hard surfaces but is quite pathetic on carpet.. tries to pivot steer and throws track. This is probably because the roadwheels aren't fixed like they should be.. not enough track tension either. Anyways, i'll continue to expand on the prototype hull until the plastic comes in.

After that is two bumper switches and two IR sensors mounted on servos, very exciting.


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