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tibman wrote in arduino_related
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Purchased a Seeeduino Mega, very pretty. Also a solar shield (cheap!) to play with. A panel from GoldMine-Elec is connected to it now, can recharge the battery in a day.. but it doesn't power the arduino during recharge, just discharge. Perhaps it needs a better solar panel?

Ok, so.. solar ideas. I saw this camera on the Make blog and thought, how cool would that be with an Xbee and a small solar panel on one side. My camera just sits on the desk.. i could put it on the window ledge instead.. and then no more battery swapping. And when the camera is in range of the desktop, it can transfer all the new pictures over and remove them from the SD card. Computer side you could even auto-upload all the new pictures.

What else could benefit from self-recharging? I'm putting together a solar recharged Xbee relay station inside a plastic coffee container. Something i can put on the roof or deploy anywhere without having to do any maintenance on it. Anything else cool along these lines?


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